Agrícola Santana

We are an agricultural company specialized, among others, in the cultivation of Golden Pineapple MD2. We are located in Farm Santana, Village Jaguito, Municipality of Tauramena, Department of Casanare, in Colombia.

We have a sustained production throughout the year of 20 tons per week of the best Golden Pineapple fruits.  We guarantee 60% of fruits Calibres 5, 6, 7 and 8 and 40% of fruits Calibres 8 and 9. Our pineapples are in a color scale from 0 to 5, being 0 the green fruit and 5 the yellow fruit.

We are registered as an exporter, have good agricultural practices and a packing plant. We are currently in the implementation of Global Gap.


We are an organization that assists in the structuring, planning, management and development of investment projects in the agricultural, agro-industrial and commercial sectors of the country.


We will be a strong organization and recognized regionally and nationally as a company that provides agricultural extension services with dedication and responsibility for the benefit of the Colombian rural producer, we structure investment projects with a clear focus on the balance between profitability and respect for the environment, we always seek the best business alliances with a fair and equitable sense in the value chain, we always remain with an attitude of innovation and search for new projects.

We Are Fresh Fruit Producers

In Agricola Santana we have the capacity to supply different types of fresh fruit such as lulo, passion fruit, papaya, among others.


Certificación aquí

Certificación aquí

We Provide Quality Food

Processed and Unprocessed

We offer a wide range of excellent quality products. Our catalog contains only brand name foods that meet the highest standards at affordable prices.

All our products are manufactured and distributed according to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our customers include department stores, retail stores, HORECA channel (Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos), institutional market, among others. We deliver throughout the United States and Central American customers.


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