We are a Colombian Company leader in the food sector, dedicated to the production and commercialization of food based on tropical and exotic fruit pulp of the highest quality, we are characterized by preserving its nutritional value as a source of vitamin, in each of its presentations.

We currently have an adequate infrastructure and a strict control in each of the processes, which guarantee a final product with the best quality standards.


To develop innovative products derived from fruits according to the client’s needs, guaranteeing trust, through the use of technology, quality systems, environmental awareness and the experience of our human talent.


Fruservice in the year 2022 will have greater positioning in companies in the dairy sector and the juice industry, seeking to double the sales of 2016, consolidating itself as a profitable company, using innovation processes.

Passion for change

We manufacture solutions for the food sector, through the design of innovative, functional and practical products, providing advice and support for our current and future customers to achieve their goals.

Because we know that each industry is different and our purpose is to generate value in their processes and the best quality in the final product.

For companies and their consumers at national and international level.

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Directly from the Colombian fields

Our products are made with fresh fruits, carefully selected by Colombian farmers, with an ideal degree of ripeness to guarantee high quality food and good taste.   

How we work

In our plant we have equipment suitable for the production process, a quality management system, storage space for the finished product.

We have experienced personnel and high quality raw material, keeping our customers satisfied.

We work every day to provide excellent service and meet market requirements.


Certificado Bpi Camara Y Comercio


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