Mr Quick!

Our brand (Mr Quick, Nutritious Delights in a Quick), offers a wide and delicious variety of foods, including dairy products, frozen ready meals, snacks, dishes and long life food, UHT milk drinks, breaded products, among others. All of which, in addition to a rich flavor, offer an excellent nutritional balance, as well as speed and ease of preparation and consumption.


To supply food products with high standards of quality and safety, satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers, through a model of continuous improvement in harmony with the environment, empowering the development of our collaborators and strengthening our shareholders.


By the year 2025, Quick and Tasty (Rápidos y Sabrosos) de Colombia S.A. will be a mass consumption food company that participating in all marketing channels is recognized nationally in the dairy, frozen and ready meals category, with international sales in frozen foods and Long Life; guaranteeing our consumers: nutritionally balanced food, opportunity and distribution coverage, quality and safety with excellent human talent and innovation, social responsibility and environmental culture for a better world.

Our Products

Dairy Food

We produce milk beverages enriched with the latest technology, allowing us to offer a product of excellent nutritional value and unparalleled flavor.

Fried Food

We produce exquisite delicacies such as croquettes, nuggets, steaks, hamburgers, shrimp, which are the companions of the gourmet line.

Processed Food

We process long-life dishes based on meat, fish and seafood, which are subjected to sterilization processes that guarantee the safety of the product for up to two (2) years in different types of packaging.

About Us

QUICK & TASTY (Rápidos y Sabrosos) de Colombia S.A. is a company in the food sector dedicated to industrial scale production, distribution and commercialization of food, which has a highly technological plant, an excellent human talent as a fundamental pillar of the organization that provides an efficient service.

We offer food solutions for RETAIL customers (modern channel, traditional channel), HORECA, hydrocarbon sector customers, institutional (public and private).

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Our Certifications

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Food produced in a modern and reliable plant certified by ISO 9001 - 2015, ISO 1401 - 2015, OSHAS 18001 - 2007, Good Manufacturing Practices certification, HACCP certification.

Registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Approved and qualified as suppliers for private bidding invitation with PMA Colombia

Registered as a United Nations (UN) Global Marketplace supplier.


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